Stabilizer Bar (8729)

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Our Stabilizer Bar comes in one size (3’ length) and is lightweight! It helps with maintaining balance and equilibrium during walking/gaiting pool exercises, as used in some stroke recovery therapies. It is also great for resting on or extending out in front of you for kicking drills, as well as in workouts for individuals with mild arthritis. The amount of flotation can be adjusted by adding or removing rings; additional rings are available if more flotation is desired.                                                                                  Color: Yellow; all other colors are available as an upcharge.

Supervision by competent personnel is a necessity while flotation equipment is in use.

Please Note: Swim aid is packed using corn starch to prevent the vinyl parts from sticking together. This can easily be washed off with warm soapy water. When repacking swim aid allow them to dry, then use either corn starch or baby powder to prevent sticking. All swim aids have a one-year warranty.


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