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Danmar Products is your source for protective helmet solutions, supportive/positioning aids, and therapeutic swim aids. Trusted by professionals, suppliers, and individuals since 1967 – we pride ourselves on quality, dependable products to meet your needs.

No frills here; just awesome products for extraordinary needs. From simple designs to custom colors and add-ons; each helmet can be customized to create a one-of-a-kind products based on your provided specifications. From mild cases to severe, and adult to pediatric; we have a full range of sizes and options to fit the needs of the individual. Not only do we take pride in our products themselves, but our personable team to help you get exactly what you are looking for in a special needs item.

Guy in a wheelchair with a protective helmet
Child with soft shell helmet

Our helmets are light, ventilated, shock absorbent, and offer minimal to complete head coverage. Our standard soft and hard shell helmet can be modified many ways – from a different buckle to a full face guard. With offering many types of helmets and options, our helmets can provide the exact protection you need and where you need it. Our experience through the years has led us to develop many solutions to unique needs of the user. This could be additional and extended padding, custom strapping systems, alternative ear slings – you tell us what the needs and problems are, and we can guide you to the perfect protective helmet.

The design our of supportive/positioning aids, particularly chest or head support, have the unique ability to give just the right positioning to fully engage in various activities of daily living, social interactions, and general recreation.

Our aquatic therapy equipment truly accommodates ALL different levels of ability in the water, allowing for progressive swim development. We have swimming aids made for non-ambulatory individuals, individuals with poor head or trunk control, and more.

We manufacture all our products – protective helmet solutions, supportive/positioning aids, and therapeutic swim aids – right here in the USA (Ann Arbor, MI). We proudly handcraft our items start to finish with you mind. Over the last 55 years, we have maintained our commitment to make products prioritizing safety, function, and most of all, comfort.


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Our Reputation Speaks for itself


“My son has had an original Danmar helmet for many years and we call it his shiny new red helmet as it always maintains it’s shiny new look despite him wearing it 24/7 for years.”

Rochelle B.

“The Danmar soft shell helmets are wonderful for students who have seizure disorders! The helmets protect their heads but allow for ventilation so our students don’t get overheated. We order the helmets for all of our students who have seizures or at risk for head injury and have always been satisfied with the quality and durability!”

Kim K.

“We are a school system in Tennessee, and we have used these helmets in the past. Invaluable for the comfort and safety they provide the children. Two thumbs up.”

Christina Y.

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Everyone is different. Different shapes, different sizes, different needs.

That’s why at Danmar we can customize our products for the individual. Contact us today to discuss general options, customization, or modifications for our products. With over 55 years of experience, we have knowledge of a variety of solutions for a wide range of special needs.

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