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 Please call us to place an order if you do not see your desired item. Some items will not be readily available in ecommerce store post launch but will be added as soon as possible. Dealers, you will have to make a new account for this system for your pricing to be available, please call if any issues arise during this launch period.

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Danmar Products is your manufacturer for special needs equipment. Helmets, other protective headgear, supportive and positioning aids, and swim aids for recreation and therapy are all our areas of expertise. Customization is available with most products, browse our catalog today.

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CHRISTMAS: Thu. Dec. 22, closing at 10:00 am, Fri Dec. 23 & Mon Dec. 26- CLOSED

NEW YEAR: Dec. 30- closing at 10:30 am, Mon. Jan. 2, 2023- CLOSED 

We wish you a happy and healthy holiday season!

Dear Valued Customers: Due to increasing costs, a surcharge of 15% will be added to all orders beginning June 15, 2022 and remain in effect until such time as it is no longer necessary to keep with the current economic climate. We appreciate your business and thank you for working with us through these challenging times!

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