Sectional Raft (8723)

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    Premium Colors (Add $28.00). This item requires up to 7-10 business days for fabrication.

For individuals who are insecure in the water or are non-ambulatory, the Sectional Raft supports and cradles the body. Rather than holding a person on top of the water, our raft allows water to flow around the body, which enables interaction with the environment and helps reduce anxiety. The head pad is reversible with lateral supports for slight head/neck support. Shoulder straps snap over the arms for an easy fit, providing room for arm propulsion and preventing the body from rolling. The bottom row of sectional pieces can be folded under for greater range of motion in the lower body.
Color: Yellow; all other colors are available as an upcharge.
Note: Care should be taken to watch for air chill on the parts of the body above the water surface. To prevent this, towels should be placed over their body.

Supervision by competent personnel is a necessity while flotation equipment is in use.

Please Note: Swim aid is packed using corn starch to prevent the vinyl parts from sticking together. This can easily be washed off with warm soapy water. When repacking swim aid allow them to dry, then use either corn starch or baby powder to prevent sticking. All swim aids have a one-year warranty.


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