The first headgear used for special needs purposes were sports helmets for hockey or football. Although converted helmets offered some protective qualities, they added excessive weight, reduced vision, were hard to keep clean, and often did not fit properly. In the late 60’s Danmar became involved in designing and selling specialty helmets just for special needs use. Over the last 50 years we have worked steadily to improve our line with our priorities being safety, function, and comfort.

Helmet Sizing Chart

Download PDF HERE

Helmet Modifications and/or Customization

There are many modifications that can be added to our standard line of helmets to individualize the fit and function. In some cases, it may be necessary to custom fabricate headgear to individual specifications to ensure proper fit; please refer to our custom headgear measurement information. Due to their individualization, custom and modified headgear are not returnable and will require additional fabrication time.

Specifications for Custom Fabricated Helmets (PDF)

Custom Helmet Measurement Chart (PDF)